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Dear Customers of,

If you have purchased a Mastech product found a problem with your order, such as a wrong shipment of goods, a factory defect, technical or software issues, missing parts or accessories or any other technical problems, please contact us by filling out our Claim form as to assist you as soon as possible.

Due to the specificity of our products, we would like to inform our customers that all measurement tools should only be used and carried out by technically qualified persons. In the event of improper use and lack of knowledge of the specifics of the appliance, technical malfunctions and defects may occur that could damage the appliance.

  • You can only claim a product if this item was purchased from online store and by providing us with a copy of your purchased document – payment receipt / invoice
  • You can claim a product online easily by completing our online claim form.
  • This e-form is recommended as non-binding and created by for your convenience. If you would like to file your complaint in another legally acceptable manner, you may send us this information at the specified contact email.
  • All fields marked with * in our electronic form are required and must be completed correctly.
  • After completing and submitting to us a claim form, our employee will register your complaint, send an official Protocol together with additional information to your given email address and will take the necessary actions according to the current legislation.
  • In cases when our customer receives an online order from with broken or damaged packaging due to improper transportation or finding defects in the product, the claim will be respected only if a Statement by the courier company is applied.
  • In such cases, it is important that you inspect your shipment during delivery in the presence of a courier and contact us to assist you if you notice a problem.
  • In the event that the customer determines issues, accepts the shipment and does not make claims to the courier, reserves the right not to respect the claim and to consider it invalid.
  • If further clarification is required, it is possible our employee to contact you by phone for details.
  • Upon successful return of a product in our Claims department, a qualified technician will check the condition of your device and document the finding of the problem by entering the necessary information in the Claims Protocol. You will receive a copy of this document to your given email.
  • The service time for Claims to is 30 days from the moment your product is well receive by us.
  • If you purchased your Mastech® tool via online store: and any defects or technical issues occur in yor you product, please fill out our Claim form and we will assist you in a timely manner. Further information for the malfunction and on your the usage will be helpful for our colleagues for faster diagnosis.
  • WARRANTY SERVICE - In the event that you claim warranty service for your appliance, the cost of return shipping to Claim Department in, including to Mastech® Central Service in Spain (if necessary and only with your consent) is covered by the customer. All shipping fees shall be reimbursed to the customer via bank transfer in the case of an established manufacturing or software defect which is not caused by improper use, unauthorized repair or intervention by an unqualified specialist.
  • OUT-OF-WARRANTY SERVICE - If you claim a non-warranty service for your appliance, the cost of sending the product back to Claim Department in, including to Mastech® Central Service in Spain (if necessary and only with your consent) is covered by the customer. These shipping costs are not refundable to the customer. When servicing a device subject to after-sales service, the ccustomer will be informed in advance with a price offer and time frame for repair activities ( *if such a repair is technically possible). All repair services are only performed with the client's written and confirm consent.
  • When submitting a claim to, the shipping costs for sending a product back to us are always at the expense of the customer according to art. 55 in BG law, except when the wrong or defected product was delivered.
  • The ccustomer has the right to choose the courier company himself and the way to return the product to In case the shipping costs of the shipped goods are not paid by the customer, reserves the right to refuse the shipment upon delivery.
  • Upon delivery of a product subject to a filled claim to, the package is carefully checked in the presence of a the shipping company’ representative as to check the condition of the product and the appropriate packaging / documentation at the time of receipt.
  • In case of a detected transport defect or damage, reserves the right to refuse the shipment.
  • If a manufacturing issue or a defective item is found, the amount of transport cost will be fully refunded to the customer by a bank transfer.
  • If a manufacturing problem or defective device is found, may offer the following options: a warranty repair, a replacement with a new device or a similar one ( in case your item of out of stock or discontinued) or a full refund.
  • If a technical defect is found as a result of improper use by an unqualified person or other damage, but not a manufacturing issue, our Claims department reserves the right to refuse the service of your claim or may offer you a price for warranty / post-warranty repair, if such a repair is possible.
  • reserves the right to refuse a product repair if this is not possible.
  • reserves the right to refuse service of a customer’s claim in case of repair by unauthorized and unqualified person is found.
  • reserves the right to refuse service in case of misuse by the client.
If you need additional information or have any questions, you can contact us by email: or to read the helpful sections: Terms and conditions and Frequently asked questions.

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