Vikiwat LTD - official representative of Mastech for Bulgaria


Authorized service for Bulgaria

In the event of a malfunction or a technical problem with your appliance, it is important to know that before you file a claim for service & repair, you can always contact us for expert advice in the following ways:

Visit us at:

VIKIWAT Ltd – Bulgaria, Plovdiv, 4000
3 Mostova Str.
For Claim Department

Write us a message:

You can send all of your questions to our service department at:

Reach us by phone:

For technical questions, you can call us at: +359 (0) 32 643 216

What else?
Send us your request by filling out our contact form or fill a claim for your warranty and after-warranty service.
Official Service Center

With new European headquarter and production plant based in Spain, Mastech® already provides warranty and post-warranty services for all measurement tools and from the product catalog *.

With manufacturing warranty period provided by Mastech® for all products for Bulgarian and European market, the company takes responsibility to assist in servicing and repairing defects or malfunctions that have occurred under normal operating conditions (see your scope of warranty) and according to the manufacturer's instructions in the instruction manual of your appliance.

* warranty and post-warranty services are only provided for tools if such a service is possible.
  • In the event that your appliance is damaged, you can contact your authorized dealer or a service center nearby for an assistance.
  • All technical issues, malfunctions, software failure or other case should be specified in advance by your authorized dealer in Bulgaria.
  • Warranty and post-warranty services at Mastech® Global can only be claimed by the official representative for Bulgaria (VIKIWAT LTD) with all documents needed for this Claim procedure such as payment receipt or invoice and a valid warranty card issued by an authorized dealer or distributor from Bulgaria.
  • In the absence of a purchase document from a Bulgarian partner sales point, our warranty and after-sale services may be refused.
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