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Earth-resistance testing devices serve to accurately check the resistance and earth-closure values. These measurements are necessary for the construction or repair of electrical installations in residential and public buildings, industrial buildings, communication centers, power transmission poles, etc.
Insulation resistance meters serve to inspect the insulation status of an installation. These checks are required for the construction or repair of electrical installations of different types, thus preventing accidents resulting from impaired insulation from being easily prevented.
Mulimer or multimeter is the same name of a universal device that has become an indispensable assistant to technicians. This multifunctional device usually combines various options for measuring voltage, current, resistance, capacitance and continuity for circuitry. Higher-range devices have functions for measuring temperature, humidity, ambient light, and even a sound level.
The clamp meter are a multimer capable of measuring the magnitude of the current without contact. This type of appliance is comfortable to measure because it does not need to break the chain integrity during testing. In this way, finding a malfunction becomes faster and easier. In most cases, clamp meter are a combined instrument that, apart from measuring the contactless value of the current, can measure the voltage, resistance, continuity, capacitance and many other parameters associated with the operation of electric consumers by means of test probes.
The circuit testers check the performance of the electrical installation. Depending on the functionality, they are devices that can test the correct connection of power supply sockets, track wires, or signal short-circuit hazards.
Non-contact voltage indicators are a convenient means of locating voltage without requiring direct contact with insulated or non-insulated wires. Their advantage is the high degree of safety and compact size.
Network testers check the performance of the communication wires involved in the dismantling of networks and electrical installations. Depending on their functionality, they are devices that can test for proper connectivity, track wires, or signal for impaired integrity and damage.
The circuits for analyzing electrical circuits test the installations to which they connect. The device can analyze the state of wires, connections and other elements, such as fuses and earth leakage circuit breakers.
LCR meters are professional tools for measuring inductance, capacitance and resistance. They have many features such as automatic identification, automatic measuring range, high measurement accuracy and wide range.
Process calibrators are extremely precise instruments that are used for Eastern standards or for measuring instruments. They most often can generate or measure current, resistance and a large part of the standard signals in the automation. They are used to calibrate thermocouples from widespread types and are characterized by high accuracy and reliability
Infrared thermometers are temperature measuring devices that have a wide range and compact size. The thermometer measures the thermal energy emitted by the object being measured. Some of them are equipped with a laser that serves to direct the infrared thermometer to the measured body. The device operates through an optical lens that serves to focus infrared heat radiation on a detector whose function is to convert the thermal energy into a digital signal that converts to a value displayed on the display.
Thermometers are devices that measure the ambient temperature or a particular object by physical contact with it. When the measurement is contact, the thermocouple is the element that makes true reading of the values. The most commonly used thermocouples are type K. The digital thermometers are characterized by relatively high accuracy, compact size and wide range.
Light meters are widely used to measure ambient light in industrial premises, offices, public buildings and entertainment facilities. Measurement is done by a sensor - a photoelectric diode that turns the light energy into an electric one, and so a display value can be read. Digital luxmers have large measuring ranges, compact dimensions and high precision.
Tachometers are devices for contact or non-contact measurement of the RPM. An anemometer is a device that measures the air or gas transfer rate per unit of time as well as the volume per unit time (CFM, CMM, CMS). The appliance is often used for air conditioning, heating and ventilation systems.
Laser roller blinds have the ability to measure long distances and are convenient and accurate to work in construction, room sizing, repairs, and more.
The hygrometer, also called moisture meter, can be used to find wall leakage, check the moisture content of building materials, the degree of humidity of wood, anhydrite materials. The appliance is used when it is necessary to monitor the humidity of technological processes in the construction and industry or for control measurements of different parts and objects.
The sound level meters or decibel meters are used in the implementation of sound systems, testing the noise level in production premises, controlling the volume of sound in entertainment venues and retail outlets.
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