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Digital voltmeter for diagnostics of automotive installations PP3CSRED, Power Probe Tek

The digital voltmeter for automotive installations Power Probe 3 is designed to work with a voltage of 12 ~ 24 VDC, directly from the vehicle battery. The tester has a negative pole cable that allows both plus (+) and minus (-) to be fed to test components or to check the continuity circuit. The device has protection 8A.
Product code: PP3CSRED
Warranty: 24 months
The Power Probe 3 Compact Voltage Tester (PP3CSRED) is used to diagnose automotive installations, it is powered directly from the vehicle via the battery terminals or via the cigarette lighter socket, allowing the user to perform an electrical test anywhere in or around the vehicle thanks to The 6 meter cable it has. The device has audible and visual indicators with which you can easily and quickly perform a continuity test, measure voltage or apply power to forcibly activate components to check for malfunction. Additional work lighting allows you to work in hard-to-reach places with difficult visibility. This powerful tool saves time at work and is ideal for anyone involved in car repair work.
Briefly about the product
620 g
Accessories included
Test leads
Power Cord
Range of measurements
DC Voltage
0 ~ 35 VDC
Continuity Buzzer
LED Indication
Work Light
Sound Indication
Lead Length
6 m
Display Backlight
Power Probe Tek
  • For car repair activities
  • For diagnostics of automotive installations
  • For testing sensors, modules, motors, relays, fuses, actuators
  • To supply power and forcibly activate components
Working specifications
Voltage DC
Voltage(symbol: V), also called electromotive force, is a quantitative expression of the potential difference in charge between two points in an electrical field.
In electronics, a continuity test is the checking of an electric circuit to see if current flows . A continuity test is performed by placing a small voltage across the chosen path. If electron flow is inhibited by broken conductors, damaged components, or excessive resistance, the circuit is "open".
Display Backlight
Rear screen illumination is an important advantage for any device that owns it. Thanks to it, the visibility and legibility of the screen is increased, thus the device is much more subtle and reliable in small ambient light and long-term use.
LED indicator
The device has a built-in LED indication with a variety of uses.
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